Having a PT might sound like an indulgence, but in the time that I have been working with Charlie, I have found her sessions absolutely life enhancing. It’s not just that my body is leaner, more toned, stronger and healthier, but I have been coached into eating more healthily, living more healthily and having a much better attitude to managing stress.

Charlie has a reasonably tough but incredibly understanding approach to what you need, if you’ve never had a PT before you will be in safe hands as she will work out exactly what you want to get out of the sessions, even if you don’t precisely know yourself.

So while it could be seen as an indulgence to have a weekly PT session, the benefits far out weigh any monetary cost, and this is one ‘indulgence’ I’m not planning on giving up.

Emma Trimble, PR Director, Didsbury (February 2017)

I started personal training sessions with Charlie to help bridge the gap between the end of one hockey season and the start of the following season, in an aim to avoid my usual summertime loss of fitness and make pre-season training a lot less painful!

Charlie has tailored all of my sessions to make sure they are sport-specific, challenging and progressive. Most of all the sessions are fun – Charlie’s passion for personal training and exercise is clear and her enthusiasm is infectious. The nutrition tips she has given me have been easy to incorporate into my lifestyle and have really made a difference to my energy levels. I’ve already signed up to a second block of PT sessions as I’m enjoying them so much!

Katherine Bromhall, Dentist, Didsbury

Prompt, vivacious, determined, focused, steely but spritely,
Conscientious, leaving you motivated and wanting more!

Ciaran Keaney, Wine Merchant, Chorlton

I have just had a baby and was too unwell to exercise during pregnancy. I love playing sport and am desperate to get back to fitness. My aim is to play high level hockey again but I was scared to start exercising after a slightly rocky pregnancy and a second c-section. Charlie #TaylorFit is getting me back to fitness safely. I have lost 9kg (1.5 stone) already and I am loving the sessions. Charlie tailors the program to my needs, listens to my concerns and even looks after the baby whilst I train! She has helped me regain confidence and built my baseline fitness up again. There is still a long way to go but with her help I know I will get there. #TaylorFit #MumFit

Laura Cove-Smith, Oncology doctor, Chorlton

Excellent session this morning Charlie, I enjoyed it very much! I thought you were, confident, bright, lively, flexible in your approach, well structured, and provided a worthwhile and rewarding workout, all delivered in a very relaxed but informed way.

Paul Allott, cricket sky sports commentator & former England cricketer, Alderley Edge

(Played 26 times for England, won Ashes twice, toured India twice and played for Lancashire from 1978 to 1992, winning five  domestic trophies)

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