I provide one-to-one, couple or group training sessions. You will have a full pre-exercise assessment and consultation with me after which I will develop a structured, detailed training plan specifically tailored to your own personal goals. Whether your aim is to loose weight, improve cardiovascular fitness, tone up, build strength or just improve your day to day mobility then I will ensure that we work together to achieve it. Perhaps you are training for a specific event and need help formulating a training plan that targets the right muscles groups in the right way to get you over the finish line? I also advise on nutrition and general wellbeing; my aim is to get you healthier and stress free!

I can train you at a time and place to suit you, whether in your home, garden, local park or workplace. Alternatively I can take you “out on location” to different training hotspots in the area to keep you motivated and engaged. I have portable equipment and various fitness gizmos to make each workout varied and hopefully fun too! TaylorFit also has access to a bespoke fusion gym in West Didsbury which has a large variety of machines and equipment (invaluable for when the weather isn’t great).

If you are a parent and wish to bring an infant or toddler to the session then this can be accommodated. TaylorFit has experience in supervising (entertaining!) children whilst delivering a session.

Couple and group sessions can be provided. They tend to work best with those of similar fitness levels and goals, however I am happy to discuss this in more detail on the telephone or when we meet. So whether you are a sports team, work colleagues, friendship group or the school mums I am confident TaylorFit can tailor a service to meet your needs! I also run various classes in the local area.

Please get in touch using the details on my contact page for a free initial telephone consultation.

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