In addition to being a level 3 qualified personal trainer, I also have a level 3 Active IQ qualification in Designing Pre & Post Natal exercise and a FutureFit qualification in pre & postnatal nutrition.

MumFit offers specialised personal training for new or expectant mothers on either a 1-to-1 or small group basis. Supervision of young children can also be accommodated during these sessions. Pregnancy is a very sensitive time which places all sorts of challenges on the female body, however these are challenges that can be eased through exercise and wellness.

MumFit personal training sessions allow you to gain the benefits that exercise brings
to a pregnancy through providing a safe environment in which you can exercise in an informed way. Postnatally the last thing on your mind might be exercise, however again the benefits of exercise are clear: assisting with weight-loss, self-esteem, mood, sleep and energy levels to name a few! MumFit can help put you back on the path to feeling like you again both inside and out. MumFit also advises on pre & postnatal nutrition plans and provides recipes that fit in with your busy schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns about exercising during this very important time and would like a confidential chat then please fill in my contact form and I’ll call you back. For information on pricing please click here.

MumFit also runs postnatal exercise classes for both mother & baby in West Didsbury. This is a great way to socialise with new mums, bond with your baby, exercise safely and have fun! Head over to my classes page for more details. The next block of MumFit runs from Monday 08/Wednesday 10 January – Monday 19/Wednesday 21 March 2018 inclusive. Please download the free GymCatch APP to pay for a block and book your 8 classes. Alternatively please email to register. Registration prior to your first class is essential.

Here are some testimonials from our MumFit mums:

“Having done both the MumFit classes and 1:1 personal training with Charlie, I honestly couldn’t recommend her more. The MumFit classes are fantastic as you get to socialise with other mums whilst exercising and there is someone to help keep an eye on the baby.  I got enormous benefit from my PT sessions and felt she listened to exactly what I wanted, as well as being considerate to my particular postnatal circumstances. My exercise confidence was low after having a baby but Charlie has helped rebuild it (and I shed weight and body fat in the process). I now feel ready for a return to CrossFit, my pre-pregnancy love – all round win!”

Rebecca Houghton, GP, Northenden

“I have just had a baby and was too unwell to exercise during pregnancy. I love playing sport and am desperate to get back to fitness. My aim is to play high level hockey again but I was scared to start exercising after a slightly rocky pregnancy and a second c-section. Charlie Taylor is getting me back to fitness safely. I have lost 9kg (1.5 stone) already and I am loving the sessions. She tailors the program to my needs, listens to my concerns and even looks after the baby whilst I train! She has helped me regain confidence and built my baseline fitness up again. There is still a long way to go but with her help I know I will get there.”

Laura Cove-Smith, Oncology doctor, age 35, Chorlton

“Hi Charlie , Wednesday is perfect I can’t wait. Your sessions are amazing, I took my son to the doctors exactly 3 weeks ago and I weighed 12st 4. I weighed my self today at the doctors and I was 11st 5. I’m a 100% sold, sign me up to Monday’s and Wednesday’s sessions next year.”

Chloe Watkins, Teacher, Sale


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