My First Step


You know it’s bad when your 65 year old Dad starts “blogging” before you do, but as I pen this post that is exactly the position I find myself in. This year has in fact seen a number of firsts for me. I quit my job in the law, retrained as a personal trainer and have set up my own business.

My decision to quit the law was long over due. I was a solicitor working for a national firm and worked long hours in a very high-pressure environment. I was getting more and more stressed every day, and the more stressed I became, the more unhappy I was. It begins to wear you down after a while. I had been practising as a solicitor for eight years and had no qualifications or experience for any other job – what else could I do? Eventually I reached a crisis point, and with the support of family and friends, I took a leap into the unknown and decided to re-qualify as a personal trainer.

When choosing an alternative career path, top of my priority list was to ensure I was going to enjoy my new job – it had to be rewarding. Life is too short not to enjoy what you do for a living, particularly when we spend such a significant amount of our lives at work. Eight weeks later TaylorFit was launched, a personal training, nutrition and wellness company. I am truly passionate about getting people moving, and moving in the right ways, because that in turn will make them healthier and happier. An active life is a happy life and what could be more satisfying than helping people be happier? Especially when I learnt the hard way what it is like to be miserable.

By “blogging” I hope to offer you advice and tips to help put that spring back in your step, to bring a lightness to your day and put a smile on your face. I can’t promise miracles, but I will do my best to help re-energise you, as my new venture has re-energised me. Enjoy.

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